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Technological Revolution

The origins of the present technological revolution can be traced to the 1930s. The thermionic valve discovered in 1904, was found to be useful as an accounting device by Wynn Williams in 1931. The Harvard mark 1 Computer designed by Howard Aikenis was the world’s first digital computer which made usage of electro­mechanical devices. It was developed jointly by the International Business Machines (IBM) and the Harvard University in 1944.

The First Computer

In February 1940, the world’s first all- electronic digital computer, called EN1AC, the Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator, was formally dedicated. This was the first generation computer based on vacuum tube technology’. In June 1945, John Von Neumann, an outstanding mathemati­cian and logician, prepared the “First draft of a Report on the EDVAC” (Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer). The Von Neumann design was based on a single Central Processor Unit (CPU) performing sequential operations on an ordered sequence of instructions, called a programme, to produce the desired result

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