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Australian PM arrives on four-day trip

Australian PM arrives on four-day trip

  1. After assuming a office in 2015, this will be Malcolm Turnbill’s first visit to the country.
  2. According to External Affairs Ministry, the India and Australia this two country would likely to sign a number of MoUs covering a range of areas including defense and security, environment, renewable resources energy, trade and sports.
  3. He was came here on Saturday for four day visit to India. Union Minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy has welcomed the Malcolm at the airport.
  4. Australia High Commissioner said to India Harinder Sidhu that the Comprehensive Economic Cooperative Agreement will not be signed during this trip. And then Sidhu has said that “Negotiations are underway but the pact will not be signed.”


  • Capital – Canberra
  • Population – 23.13 million
  • Fact – More than 85% of Australians live within 50km of the coast.

Dalai Lama inaugurates museum dedicated to Dorjee Khandu


  • During the visit of then chief minister late Jarbom Gamlin it was announced that the museum is supported by the state government with a grant of Rs 1.8 crore.
  • The Dorjee Khandu Memorial Museum and the Jangchub Chorten, both situated in a sprawling complex, is designed as a personal history monument of former Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister late Dorjee Khandu, who passed away in a helicopter crash in April 2011, at the peak of his political career.
  • Earlier in a day Dalai Lama continued with his teaching in yid Gachosin monastery and, inaugurated the museum and took an exhibit in a round.
  • Dalai Lama visited the Urgyeling Monastery, which is a birth place of a sixth Dalai Lama Tseyang Gyatso, there he had a lunch.


  • The Tibetan word “Lama” means in Sanskrit “guru”
  • Dalai Lama is a Monk of the Gelug or “yellow Hat” in school of Tibetan. Je Tsongkhapa found the newest of school of Tibetan.
  • He was a very important figure for Gelug tradition.

No govt jobs for those with more than 2 kids, free education for girls, says Assam’s draft population policy


  1. On Sunday the Assam government announced the draft population policy which has suggested a denial of govt. jobs to people with more than two kids and making education free for girls till university level.
  2. The proposed population policy will seek to debate on increasing the legal age of marriage for girls is 18 years and for boys is 21 years; this is further said by Sharma.
  3. He added the policy to set up a state population council and a state population research Centre.
  4. The biggest thing sharma said that, “We want to move from primarily a medical-led policy to a socially responsible policy. We want to have a behavioral change and there will be policy incentives. Assam current population is 3.12 crore as per 2011 census and it increased by 1 crore from 2001.”


  • Assam capital – Dispur
  • Largest city – Guwahati
  • Governor – Banwarilal Purohit
  • Chief minister – Sarbananda Sonowal (BJP)

Courts should take pragmatic view of rights of consumers: Supreme Court


1.    The court observed that “It is to overcome this disadvantage that a beneficent legislation in the form of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 was enacted by Parliament.”

  1. The Supreme Court has said that the “pragmatic view” is necessary for the rights of consumer in disputes concerning them since customer are at disadvantage as compared to service Centre.
  2. On August 6, 1992 there was continuing rain and the firm said that it suffered considerable damage of raw materials, stocks and goods it is approached after the insurance firm claim.
  3. Along with interest to the insured, the NCDRC’s has awarded an amt. of Rs.21,05,803 and also it’s rejected the contention of insurance firm.
  4. The apex court also rejected a separate appeal filed by National Insurance Company Ltd against NCDRC’s order passed in connection with a case related to another private firm.


  • It was first established on 1 October 1937 (79 years ago).
  • It is located on Tilak Marg, New Delhi, India, 110201
  • It is authorised by the constitution of India.

Bullet train project gets past major hurdle regarding BKC land


  1. NBullet train project gets past major hurdle regarding BKC landew Delhi, on April 9 (PTI) the railways have crossed a major hurdle in rolling out the ambitious bullet project as the Maharashtra government has agreed to give land at the Bandra-kurla complex.
  2. The project needs land about 10 acres and the total land available in BKC is about 67 acre.
  3. The MRDA had wanted to use the BKC land for the proposed International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) at BKC.
  4. The bullet train is made to reduce time for travelling like it takes seven hours to travel between two cities but the bullet train will reduce it and can travel within a two hours.
  5. The construction of corridor is expected to start in 2018 and is estimated to be completed by 2023.


  • Bullet train Japan’s High speed bullet train, also known as shinkansen trains.
  • The maximum operating speed is 320 km/h (200mh) test runs have reached 443 km/h (275 mph) for conventional rail in 1996 and up to a world record603 km/h (375 mph) for maglev trains in April 2015.

Supreme Court absolves doctor of medical negligence charge after 20 years


1.   It’s said “Applying the law laid down in a case, we are of the view that this is not a case where the appellant should face trial especially when 20 years have already elapsed.”

  1. After 20 years of incident in which a road accident victim succumbed to injuries at a hospital, the Supreme Court has absolved a doctor from Maharashtra for the charge of medical negligence.
  2. It is said that “Applying the law laid down in a case, we are of the view that this is not a case where the appellant should face trial especially when 20 years have already elapsed.”
  3. Under section of 304-A of IPC, there may be an error in judgment but is definitely not a rash and negligent act.
  4. “In the facts and circumstance of this case, it cannot be said that the appellant is guilty of criminal negligence. At best it is an error of judgment”, it is said by Bench.


  • It was first established on 1 October 1937 (79 years ago).
  • It is located on Tilak Marg, New Delhi, India, 110201
  • It is authorised by the constitution of India.


Kolkata-Khulna train: After 52 years you can now buy ticket to Bangladesh


  1. The people of India and Bangladesh can now buy train tickets to travel to the other side of the border, after 52 years.
  2. There are three transport connectivity agreements among the 22 pacts signed between India and Bangladesh.
  3. Bus service has been also launched yesterday of Kolkata-Dhaka, three buses were flagged off from Nabanna in Kolkata. now one can reach Dhaka from Kolkata in 13 hours, through Khulna rote.
  4. The trial run train rolled from the Khulna railway station at 8 in the morning yesterday and entered India at around 1.40 in the afternoon.
  5. Before the partition of India in 1947, the two side of erstwhile united Bengal were connected through train service.
  6. The train was suspended because of India-Pakistan war during 1965.


  • Bangladesh capital is Dhaka.
  • Prime minister of Bangladesh is Sheikh Hasina.
  • President – Abdul Hamid


G7 foreign ministers seek US clarity over Syria


  1. Foreign ministers from the Group of Seven major industrialized nations meet on Monday for an annual gathering, with Europe and Japan seeking clarity from the United States on an array of issues, especially Syria.
  2. The civil war in Syria is likely to talks dominated, with Italy for hopping a final communiqué that will reinforce united nation efforts to end six years of conflict.
  3. Donald Trump had hinted that he would do less interventionist than his predecessor if it was in U.S. interest it’s going to turn a blind eye to human right abuses.
  4. The meeting will give Italy, Germany, France, Britain, Canada and Japan their first chance to grill the new U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on whether Washington is now committed to overthrowing Syrian President Bashar al Assad.
  5. Due to kick off at 4:30 pm the struggle against terrorism, relation with Iran and ongoing instability in Ukraine will also come up for discussion and with talks.


  • Capital of Syria – Damascus
  • President – Bashar al-Assad
  • Prime Minister – Imad Khamis

Indian-origin woman is first non-white judge at London court

  1. An Indian-origin woman has become the world first non-white judge of UK and to sit at old Bailey court of London.
  2. The media this week that she is often mistaken for a witness or a defendant since she entered the legal profession, the 49 year old said this.
  3. She told to BBC that “I’m often asked if there is a glass ceiling. I think sometimes there are two ceilings – or no glass ceiling at all. There is one glass ceiling that’s in our minds, that’s what we think we can achieve so perhaps we impose our glass ceiling and that has happened to me several times… most clients did not want a young, Asian, Scottish female representing them, so that made it harder for me to build a client base.”
  4. In London On February, Dhir donned that her judge’s robes as a circuit judge at the Central Criminal Courts, known as at the Old Bailey.


  • London Courtis a three- and four-level open-roofed shopping arcade located in the central business district in Perth, Western Australia.
  • The court was built in 1937 by wealthy gold financiered businessman, Claude de Bernaies foe residential and commercial purpose.

Egypt drafts bill to ban Burqa in public places, govt institutions

  1. The niqab veil wearing is banning for woman by the Egyptian Parliament.
  2. MP Amna Nosseir, professor of comparative jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University, who has backed the ban,said that wearing the veil is not a requirement of Islam.
  3. The university also was banned academic staff from wearing a niqab, it is said that because of niqab the communication with student is too difficult; this was happened on September last year.
  4. In February, the Cairo University banned nurses and doctors from wearing it in medical schools and in teaching hospitals, arguing the ban would: “protect patients’ rights and interests.”


  • Capital – Cairo
  • Prime minister – Sherif Ismail
  • Currency – Egyptian pound



No deadline for introduction of Sharia banking in India: RBI

 No deadline for introduction of Sharia banking in India: RBI

  1. The Reserve Bank of India said that, “no deadline has been set for introduction of Sharia or interest-free banking will be in India.”
  2. The RBI is said by responding to RTI that, it has not taken any step to introduce Islamic window in banks for gradual introduction of Sharia complaint interest free banking in India.
  3. The RBI sent a copy of the IDG to the Finance Ministry on February last year.
  4. In late 2008, a committee on Financial Sector Reforms, headed by former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan, had stressed on the need for a closer look at the issue of interest-free banking in the country.


  • Headquarters – Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Established – 1 April 1935; 82 years ago
  • Bank rate – 6.75%


Cash in use 26% less than November 8 levels, withdrawals fall for fourth week

Cash in use 26% less than November 8 levels

  1. The Policy maker is keeping close eyes on the New Currency that’s flooding the system.
  2. Cash level in the economy remains at least 26% less than what they were before demonestisation.
  3. India’s cash-to-GDP ratio was over 13% before the November 2016 note ban, which is now estimated to be at around 11% of the GDP.
  4. ET said that “currency in circulation may settle at around 10% to 10.5% of the GDP which is in line with international standards.”

Central Bank of India customer wins Rs 1 crore

  1. Under the government promotional scheme a transaction of Rs 1,590 has bagged a central bank of India to lucky customer bounty of Rs 1 crore to popularize digital payments.
  2. President Pranab Mukherjee picked up the lucky winners from the 100th draw of lots under digital payments promotion schemes at Rashtrapati Bhavan.
  3. The first mega prize of Rs 1 crore went to a customer of Central Bank of India, in the consumer section.
  4. As part of the government’s promotional schemes, Digi Dhan melas were held in 100 cities over 100 days and 15,000 consumers qualified everyday for total prize money of Rs 1.5 crore. Additionally, 14,000 weekly winners, both consumers and merchants, have received a total prize money of over Rs 8.3 crore every week.


  • Founded – 21 December 1911; 105 years
  • Key people of central bank – Shri. Rajeev Rishi, Chairman & Managing Directors.

Apax keen to invest at least $1 billion in India over next 4 years


  1. Apax Partners will be looking to invest at least a billion dollars in India over the next four years as the world’s fastest-expanding major economy has emerged as among the top investment destinations for the European private equity major, powering its returns globally.
  2. There is across a four specialized sectors of technology, consumer, health care, and business & financial services with equity capital.
  3. Apax has deployed a $1.5 billion across a six investment in India, while opening the Mumbai office in 2007,two of which has buyouts.
  4. Digital is a lot more than an E-commerce. but still is a little bit early from the perspective of getting to a place where unit economics work and businesses are profitable he said that. “Globally, wherever we have made it work, we need to tick those 2 boxes.”


  • Industry of Apax – private equity
  • Founded – 1969; 48 years ago
  • Headquarters – London, England


MK Goel appointed as JERC chairperson

MK Goel appointed as JERC chairperson

  1. MK Goel the former chairman of power Finance Corporation has been appointed as chairperson of joint Electricity Regulatory Commission for Goa and Union Territories.
  2. Goel has an experience over 36 years in the power sector, an electrical engineer. Before joining JERC, he was the CMD of power Finance Corporation, the largest NBFC in the country.
  3. A senior officer said that Goel took the oath on last Friday.
  4. IN an official Statement it is said that the Piyush Goyal of power minister has administered secrecy to Goel in presence of senior officials of the ministry of power and PFC.


  • Established – July 1986
  • Headquarter – New Delhi, India

NIIT CEO Rahul Patwardhan quits


  1. NIIT has appointed Sapnesh Lalla as CEO designate with immediate effect. He will take over as CEO from 1 August.
  2. At its meeting today it added that the board has accepted Patwardhan resignation.
  3. Global Corporate Business is currently head by Lalla which constitutes nearly 70% of the Global business of NIIT.
  4. He has served both in India and US and also he has been with NIIT for 25 years.


  • NIIT Established – 1981 as National Institution of Information Technology.
  • Founder – Rajendra S. Pawar

          Vijay K. Thadani

  • Headquarters – Gurgaon, India

Ex-Congress Goa legislator Vishwajit Rane joins BJP

  1. Former Congress minister Vishwajit Rane joins BJP in presence of Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar at Panaji in Goa on Thursday.
  2. Vishwajit Rane said that “My entry in BJP is unconditionally. I want to work for the growth of the party and also for the development of my constituency.
  3. On 16 March during the floor test ordered by the Supreme Court Rane has resigned his assembly membership. And during the floor test he also walked out, thus reducing the congress strength from 17 to 16 in the 40 member Goa assembly.
  4. Rane blamed the congress leadership, in particular Digvijay Singh, all India congress Committee general secretary and Goa in charge, for not moving fast enough to stake a claim for forming the government.


  • Congress founded – 28 December 1885 (131 years ago)
  • Headquarters – 24, Akbar Road, New Delhi 110001
  • President – Sonia Gandhi

Uday Kotak reiterates interest in acquiring SUUTI’s stake in Axis Bank: report


  1. SUUTI (Specified Undertaking of Unit Trust of India) decides to offer its stake in Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank’s board will look at the merit and evaluate it, says Uday Kotak and also report say a same thing.
  2. Through a public sector insurance companies and SUUTI the government will indirectly holds stake in Axis Bank.
  3. The Specified Undertaking of Unit Trust of India (SUUTI) holds about 12% stake in Axis Bank while LIC has 14.49% holding in the bank.
  4. Ever since the buzz about acquisition came out the share of Kotak Mahindra Bank and Axis Bank had surged. So far this year, Kotak shares have gained 22.2% and Axis Bank shares 12%.


  • Kotak bank founded – 1965
  • Headquarters – Mumbai, India
  • Axis Bank founded – 1993 ( as UTI bank)
  • Headquarters – Mumbai, India





Astronomers detect explosive star birth about 1500 light-years away

 Astronomers detect explosive star birth about 1500 light-years away

  1. Around 500 years ago, a pair of adolescent protostars had a perilously close encounter that blasted their stellar nursery apart.
  2. Astronomers have captured images of a violent and explosive star birth about 1,500 light years from earth, Washington April 9, which gives new insight into stellar formation across the cosmos.
  3. A pair of adolescent protostars had a perilously close encounter that blasted their stellar nursery apart, around 500 years ago.
  4. The new ALMA provides data much greater clarity, high velocity motion of the carbon monoxide (CO) gas inside the streamers.


In a first, atmosphere found around Earth-like planet


  1. Scientist says that they have detected an atmosphere around an earth like planet for the first time.
  2. They have studied a world that has known as GJ 1132b 1-4 times the size of our planet and lies 39 light years away.
  3. “To my knowledge the hottest temperature that life has been able to survive on Earth is 120C and that’s far cooler than this planet”, the lead researcher from keele university, Dr John Southworth said this.
  4. “If the technology can detect an atmosphere today, then it bodes well for being able to detect and study the atmospheres of even more Earth-like planets in the not-too-distant future.”
  5. The public astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, marek kukula said,” This is a nice proof of concept.”


  • A scientist is a person engaging a systematic activity in acquiring knowledge and predicts the natural world.
  • The person who is expert in one or more areas of science.

Nokia joins hands with Airtel and BSNL to bring 5G network to India

  1. Nokia not only comeback with his smartphone 3310, Nokia 3 and 5 but also planning to bring 5G network in India.
  2. Nokia has signed a Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) with Indian telecom giants Airtel and BSNL, according to ET report. Nokia during the mobile World Congress 2017 had stated that it would expand their Collaborative technology partnership to work on 5G technology standard and management of connected devices.
  3. Now after 4G, the future going in to 5G and IoT, which is useful in a concept. BSNL chairman Anupam Shrivastava earlier had told PTI that “The MoU will help BSNL to draw a framework for transition from the current network to futuristic 5G network.”
  4. Marwah said that collaborations with telcos in India are done to discover the requirement of the local market and also the possibility of rural connectivity, agricultural IoT (Internet of Things), which might be more relevant for the country in coming future.


  • Nokia established – 12 May 1865; 151 years ago in Tampere, Grand Duchy of Finland.
  • Headquarters – Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland

Govt asks ISRO to share technology for manufacturing Lithium-ion batteries for vehicles


  1. Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre under Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has successfully developed lithium-ion batteries which can use in electric vehicles.
  2. Even to the private players information will be accessible, boosting production further.
  3. Over a dozen of automobile manufacturers for partnering and launching an electric vehicle with the lithium-ion battery had been approached by ISRO.
  4. But the government has taken a new step, requesting ISRO to make the technology available to multiple private players instead of looking at technology partnership.


  • Owner – Government of India
  • Established – 15 August 1969
  • Headquarters – Bengaluru, Karnataka



Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho bridges gap with England defender Luke Shaw

  1. Jose Mourinho the Manchester United manager has made his first move to heal his strained relationship with England defender Luke Shaw.
  2. Luke Shaw’s future has been cast into doubt following public criticism from the Portuguese, after he questioned the commitment of the 21-year-old, who was signed by previous boss Louis van Gaal from Southampton in 2014.
  3. Mourinho considered substituting Luke Shaw at half-time as a precautionary measure after he received an early booking.
  4. A possible disrepute charge which carries with it a potential touchline Ban & Fine faces by the former manager of Manchester United.
  5. Until Monday Moyes has respond after the Football Association Asked the 53 year old for his observation following the outcry in the wake of his threat to slap a female reporter following last month’s draw with Burnley.


  • Nickname of Manchester United – The Red Devils
  • Founded – 1878; 139 years ago, as Manchester United F.C.
  • Co-chairman – Joel and Avram Glazer

IPL 2017, MI vs KRR: Rohit Sharma lands himself in trouble, reprimanded for showing dissent

  1. During the match against KKR in Mumbai, Rohit Sharma was not pleased with the umpire who have him out leg-before.
  2. Rohit Sharma was not pleased with the umpire decision and showed his feeling while walking to the pavilion during Mumbai Indians eventually successful Chase.
  3. The statement added that the “Mr. Rohit Sharma admitted to the Level 1 offence 2.1.5 of the IPL Code of Conduct for Players and Team Officials. For Level 1 breaches of the IPL Code of Conduct, the Match Referee’s decision is final and binding.”
  4. The thrilling victory in Mumbai was turned a bit sour when the IPL has reprimand Rohit Sharman for his behavior after being given out.


  • Format – Twenty20
  • First tournament – 2008
  • of teams – 8


Shakespeare’s Foxes ready for Atletico despite Everton blow

  1. On Sunday manager Craig Shakespeare of Leicester City said that 4-2 loss at Everton his first defeat since taking over from Claudio Ranieri would not affect his squad as they prepare for a champion league quarter- final against Atletico Madrid.
  2. Shakespeare made five changes at Everton and has confirmed that he had done so with future fixtures in mind.
  3. He said “I think the team selection was with the games coming up in mind. We’ve got a lot coming up — Wednesday, Saturday and Tuesday — but we’ve got a good squad.”
  4. Shakespeare confirmed the expected news that captain and central defender Wes Morgan would not be able to play in Madrid due to the back injury which kept him out of the clash at Goodison.


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