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Indian Rank Globally Third highest rank in Internal Displacement numbers

Indian Rank Globally Third highest rank in Internal Displacement numbers

  1. Due to conflict nearly 2.4 million people get displaced, in 2016 the violence and conflict of the disaster in the nation the India get ranked in the globally by the third highest number in the world, it is said by the monitoring center in report which was held on the Wednesday.
  2. By the new report of the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre and the Norwegian Refugee Council which is released on the Wednesday is declared that the India ranked third in the countries which are most affected by the changed places by the any disasters which was related to China and the Philippines.
  3. It is said that in the year 2016 the conflict which has happen that causes the violence and disaster of the 31.1 million new internal displacements. Secretary General of the NRC Jan Egeland said, “In 2016, one person every second was forced to flee their home inside their own country. Internally displaced people now outnumber refugees by two to one. It is urgent to put internal displacement back on the global agenda”.
  4. The record of the highest displacement in which was given by the report 2016 is the China with 7.4 million people and fallowed by some other countries like at second place the Philippines 5.9 million people, in India 2.4 million people and in Indonesia 1.2 million people. By the report of the 2016 in the South Africa there is displacement of the 3.6 million it was the more than half from the report of 2015 that was 7.9 million.


  1. 1st rank in Internal Displacement- China (7.4 Million)
  2. 2nd rank in Internal Displacement- Philippines (5.9 million)
  3. 3rd rank in Internal Displacement- India (2.4 million)



Shri piyush goyal launches Saral Eindhan Vitaran application (SEVA) app

Shri piyush goyal launches Saral Eindhan Vitaran application (SEVA) app

  1. Shri Piyush Goyal who is the Union Minister of State for Power, Coal, New & Renewable Energy and Mines, had launched the SEVA which is called as Saral Eindhan Vitaran Application which build in the Coal India Limited (CIL) it get developed by the consumers or the people who want to use the services like the power, coal etc. It is the initialization of the Digital Indian for the concurrency and Accountability in Coal.
  2. Being the part of the Digital India it have aimed to increase the consumer by using this app, the common man like the aam adami of the India can use this app and they can get it better and they can take the full benefit of the SEVA app. By this app they can check the coal consumption and power generation.
  3. By the 118 power plant it will track the coal by full access of the user like user friendly by the fuel supply agreement (FSA) of maximum of 500 MT. By the addition of the many and the more Special Forward E-Auction pirated link between the more than 200 dispatch points have the aim to spread the section with monitoring and guiding this app by eight state. By the report of the coal organization the daily consumption of the coal is about 1.25 million tones it involve the daily gathered of the 195 coal trains, this transport is get happen trough the MGR, road, belt, and ropeways.


  1. Union Minister of State for Power, Coal, New & Renewable Energy and Mines- Shri Piyush Goyal
  2. Full form of CIL- Coal India Limited
  3. Full form of FSA- fuel supply agreement
  4. SEVA- Saral Eindhan Vitaran application



Indian Railways flexi fare system for premium trains including Rajdhani, Shatabdi under review, says Suresh Prabhu

  1. By getting the flexi fare rate of the passenger train there are many questions are rising in the passengers mind. By the report it is said that the Indian passenger have complained that the Indian railway is only making money they are not increasing the facility in the premium trains. On the this statement of the public the Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu, said in an interview held on the news channel on the television, that the flexi fare system or the rates of the premium trains for premium trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto is rated that means that are in the term of not decide yet.
  2. At the time of interview in the news channel of the Railway minister he has said that there no decided of the trains fare of the premium and he has apology for the difficulties taken by the passenger. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu said, “At the same time, there is now a system that gives you 10 per cent discount on tickets booked after the reservation chart is prepared. Why do we not talk about that. Railways is not a private company”
  3. According to the fare system of the current which was announce by the railways board that are only 10 per cent of the seats are sold in the normal categories of the passenger’s seat there after the prices of the tickets are getting increasing by the every 15% of the ticket get sold.
  4. Till now the railway board of the railways has earned total 260 core by the fare of the premium tickets. Railway Ministry official said, “There a few options including keeping at least 50 per cent seats in normal fare. However, no decision has been taken as yet. We are trying to make the premier service more passenger friendly with a few changes so that occupancy rate will go up”


  1. Divisions of Indian Railway- 17 Railways Zones
  2. Headquarters of Indian Railway- New Delhi, India
  3. Founded on- April 16, 1853
  4. Railway Minister – Suresh Prabhu


Government to launch Japanese Encephalitis vaccination campaign in 38 districts today

  1. The state government of the Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday has launched the controls on the vaccination of the combat Japanese Encephalitis (JE), this disease is getting the more than the hundreds of the life every year. The Chief Minister of the Uttar Pradesh state Yogi Adityanath, have already applied for this earlier in the parliament, but now from the Thursday he will launch the campaign from Kushinagar district.
  2. This vaccination process will continue till the 11th of the June in next month by the yogi the children who are the below the age of 15 years they will be focused first. Health Minister Sidharth Nath Singh said, “A public awareness campaign will also be started with the vaccination process, where people will be encouraged to vaccinate their children”.
  3. After the made of the modi government, they are continuously listening the efforts which have given by the Yogi Adityanath in the term of the epidemic. In four districts Bahraich, Balrampur, Sitapur and Shrawasti the  vaccination process will start first according to the state Health Minister Sidharth Nath Singh, this campaign will be started with the 34  more district in which the western part and the eastern part of the Uttar Pradesh will include.
  4. Approximately Rs 22 crore have put in order to run this campaign effectively, the Central government has also sought the assistance. By the instruction the many of the doctors will posted on the villeges and they will be on their 24-hour duty and they have been asked not to take leave on that day.


  1. Capital of UP- Lucknow
  2. CM of UP- Yogi Adityanath
  3. Governor of UP- Shri Ram Naik
  4. Health Minister of UP- Sidharth Nath Singh






Japan to build World War 2 museum in Manipur

Japan to build World War 2 museum in Manipur

1.       The soldiers who have lay down their lives in the Imphal and Kohima battles in the June 1994 regarding that the Japan wants to create a museum at the Manipur’s Bishenpur district to to regards the soldiers who died there. On the Monday the state government have told that the they will provide all the substance regard this to the country. This museum will be built on a hillock at Maiba Lokpa.

2.       Chief Minister N Biren Singh said, “Many of the Japanese who came and fought in Imphal and Kohima could not return home. The government shall extend all possible help to Japan in this regard”.  Hiramatsu said, “The Japanese government is inviting 25 persons from Manipur and Nagaland to visit Japan”.

3.       The Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has welcomed the plan which is given by the Japan to build a museum and also the Chief Minister have promised all assistances to the Japanese government. Maibam Lokpa Ching is the place of the history at where British and the Japanese fought during the Second World War. From march to June in 1944 the fiercest which was created by the news about to 70,000 Japanese soldiers have give their life in the Imphal and Kohima battles.

4.       The Japanese ambassador have seen the mortal of the soldiers of the battle who have fought in the world war 2 by the British the 70,000 Japanese soldiers in Imphal and Nagaland. In the past in the curd of the earth there were many bones have found.


1.    Capital of Japan- Tokyo

2.    Currency of Japan- Japanese yen

3.    Emperor of Japan- Akihito

4.    Prime minister of Japan-  Shinzō Abe



Socialist Lenin Moreno sworn in as Ecuador president

Socialist Lenin Moreno sworn in as Ecuador president

1.       On the fallowing of the fast race of the election the Lenin Moreno was sworn in as Ecuador’s president this is all happening in the regard of the vice president who has won on promises of keeps the many work regarding the world friendship of his leftist predecessor, Rafael Correa.

2.       The Lenin Moreno is the 64 year old and he is a socialist, in the last month he won a runoff vote as leftist governments struggle to maintain support in the oil-exporting country, bucking a shift to the right in South America. A farmer banker who have loose the farmer election name Guillermo Lasso, have called at this year. This election of the council held the total of Moreno’s 2.3 percent margin of victory.

3.       Moreno, has said he will continue anti-poverty programs he is the one of the world’s few paraplegic heads of state. But he has promised a more conciliatory style and more open dialogue with adversaries in contrast to Correa’s often combative manner

4.       Moreno said after a ceremony at the country’s National Assembly, “I am the president for all of you. I owe you all a great debt and respect you all. All of us will form part of a deeply enriching national dialogue”.



1.    Capital of Ecuador- Quito

2.    Currency of Ecuador- United States Dollar

3.    President of – Lenín Moreno



In first under Donald Trump, US warship challenges Beijing’s claims in South China Sea


1.       The sailed by the US Navy worship which is in the within 12 nautical miles of which is made by the human or it is an artificial island built up by China in the South China Sea, U.S. On Wednesday it is said by the report that the since U.S. President Donald Trump have come up with the US president, first such challenge to Beijing in the strategic waterway.

2.       The USS Dewey sailed within 20 kilometers of Mischief Reef, in the island which is alone in the side of the country; iot is said on Wednesday, in a “freedom of navigation operation,” according to a US official.

3.       A sea root of the china which was taken by the US army, now the china have claimed that the sea root is of him the South China Sea, he have also included the Parcel and Spratly island chains. These claims have given by the other countries including the Philippines and Vietnam.

4.       During the 2016 presidential of the Trump, he has accused the china to Beijing of stealing U.S. jobs with unfair trade policies; he claims that the currency is getting utilizing the currency in the militarily of the South China Sea. The South China Sea expert who is US based, Greg Poling of the Center for Strategic and International Studies have said that the operation was also the first conducted by the United States close to an artificial feature built by China not entitled to a territorial sea under international law.


1.    Capital of China- Beijing

2.    President of China- Xi Jinping

3.    Currency of China- Renminbi



Federal bank launches new trading platform ‘Selfie’

 Federal bank launches new trading platform ‘Selfie’

1.       In the association of the Geojit, the leading private sector ban, Federal bank has launched a new trading platform called “Selfie” for their customers.

2.       This application is designed and managed by the Geojit. This platform will control the total investment done by the customers and also it will provide the fascinating platform for the user who wants to control their invests. The bootstrap edition of this application on for the android and IOS have available on the play store and the app store, user can download this application.

3.       The features of this application or the software is so user-friendly and its on the based on the boot strap means user can and enjoy all the features and the faculty by using any of his mobiles or the tablets. In this user can get the Live portfolio of the bank by this they can use their investment.

4.       Federal Bank is a leading Private Sector Bank it have the total branch network of 1,252 branches and 1,667 ATMs spread across the whole country. The Bank’s total business stands at Rs 1.71 Lakh Core as at March 31, 2017 and it has earned a net profit of Rs 830.79 Core.


1.    Federal Bank Founded- Founded at Nedumpuram, Thiruvalla 1931, Moved to Kochi, 1945

2.    Founder- Travancore Federal Bank: Oommen Geevarghese; Federal Bank : K.P Hormis

3.    Revenue- Increase ₹77.4 billion (US$1.2 billion) (2016)



Karnataka bank pact with HDFC asset management

 Karnataka bank pact with HDFC asset management

1.       Karnataka Bank Ltd has signed the agreement from about to sell the mutual fund products of HDFC Capital Asset Management Ltd (HDFCAML).

2.       On Tuesday Mahabaleswara MS, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Karnataka Bank, and Rajiv Maniar, Senior Vice-President and Head – Sales (East and South), HDFCAML, had exchanged the memorandum of understanding in Mangaluru.

3.       Mahabaleswara said in the quote which is released by a press it is said that here these investment in mutual funds will provide the facility and the opportunity to those customers who are uncomfortable about investing directly in stock markets. Maniar said that this tie-up will give HDFCAML an opportunity to expand its base in these centers.


1.    Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Karnataka Bank- Mahabaleswara MS

2.    Senior Vice-President and Head- Rajiv Maniar

3.    CEO of Karnataka Bank- Polali Jayarama Bhat (Jul 14, 2009–)

4.    Founded: 1924

5.    Motto: Your family bank. Across India



RBI may have a Deputy Governor from private sector for first time


1.       The government of the RBI have announced the first time by the advertisement for the deputy governor for the country’s central bank, it is said along with that the candidate which is coming for the governors of the central bank is must be the directors and consultants with significant experience in banking and financial markets.

2.       This plan for the selection of the governor is going in the too fast motion of the speed that deputy governor (DG) at the Reserve Bank of India to succeed S S Mundra, who will leave the office at the end of July 2017. Mundra, has became deputy governor on July 31, 2014, he is looking after portfolio of non-banking supervision and banking, human resource management, financial inclusion and co-ordination.

3.       According to the requirement which was posted on the RBI’s website that, the candidates should have at least 15 years of experience in banking and financial market operations, with extensive experience as a full-time director or board member. The person should have an understanding of the high level to at a very senior level, of supervision and compliance in the financial sector.

4.       The age of the candidate should not more than 60 years as on July 31, 2017. The age criteria might be relaxed in case of deserving candidates. The post carries a pay scale of Rs 2, 25,000 (fixed). The appointment will be for three years and the person would be eligible for re-appointment.


1.    Founded- April 1, 1935, Kolkata, India

2.    Governor- Urjit Patel

3.    Headquarters- Mumbai, Maharashtra, India




Drake beats Adele’s Billboard’s Music awards record with 13 wins

 Drake beats Adele’s Billboard’s Music awards record with 13 wins

1.       The Canadian rapper in the Billiboard music awards 2017 which was held on the Sunday has break the surpassed Adele’s record by picking up 13 awards. Drake and Beyonce were among in the early winners of the award show. Drake had earned 10 awards in early winners which is get announced in the early minutes of the award show picked up an 11th for top male artist in the first minutes of the show

2.       Drake, who walked into the show on the Sunday with have got the 22 nominations, with the won of top artist, top male artist and top Billboard 200 album (Views), among the others singer and musicians at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Before this the record of the name with Adele which have recorded the 12 wins in 2012. Drake joined on the stage by Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and his father.

3.       Drake said, “I just want to say hold tight Adele because when a new ting drops you will crawl your way back to get the record back”.

4.       This award was prasented to Drake by the top star Prince Jackson, who is the late Michael Jackson’s eldest son. Drake beaten the Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Adele, Ariana Grande, the Weeknd, twenty one pilots, Shawn Mendes and the Chainsmokers for the top prize.


1.    Billboard Music Award Awarded for- Outstanding chart performance

2.    Country- United States

3.    Presented by- Billboard

4.    First awarded- 1990



Science and Technology


ISRO and NASA collaborate to build earth- Imaging satellite NISAR

ISRO and NASA collaborate to build earth- Imaging satellite NISAR

1.       The space research center of the India and the United states of the america is going to check the history of the space research center, going back to 1963 when India launched its first U.S-manufactured sounding rocket. In the 1970’s the Satellite Instructional Television Experiment (SITE) is conducted by the ISRO and NASA, which helped beam television programmes to more than 2400 villages across India.

2.       In 2008, Chandrayaan I, built by international partners, including two by NASA, India’s first mission to the moon carried scientific instruments.

3.       To come up with a collaboration and looks like it’s finally going to happen, for a long time, space aficionados and even some important figures in the field of space have been plugging the two space agencies together.

4.       The NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite could be the world’s most expensive Earth imaging satellite and will cost the two countries over 1.5 billion dollars.



1.    NASA formed on -July 29, 1958; 58 years ago

2.    Agency executives- Robert M. Lightfoot, Jr. (acting)[6], Administrator, Lesa Roe (acting)[7], Deputy Administrator

3.    Founder of ISRO- Vikram Sarabhai

4.    Founded on- August 15, 1969

5.    Primary spaceport- Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh

6.    Director- A. S. Kiran Kumar


Israel industries has signed a $ 630 million deal with the India

 Israel industries has signed a $ 630 million deal with the India

1.       To supply advanced long range air and missile defense systems for four ships of the Indian Navy the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)  which is state-owned said on Sunday that it had closed another major deal worth $630 million with India.

2.       It have signed the contract between the both countries, which also includes the procurement of radar, missiles and a command and control board for the system, from the INS Kochi as part of operational interception trial, the Western Naval Command of the India has successfully conducted a trial firing of the MRSAM.

3.       This contract is going to signed for the first time between these countries, with Bharat Electronics LtdBSE 2.73 %, which serves as the main contractor in the project as part of India’s “Make in India” policy.

4.       In April, IAI said that the India will buy nearly $2 billion worth of weapons technology from Israel in what was described as the “largest defence contract” ever signed by the military exporting giant.


1.    Full form of IAI- Israel Aerospace Industries

2.    Full form of MSRAM- medium-range surface-to-air missile

3.    Capital of Israel- Jerusalem

4.    Founded: May 14, 1948

5.    Prime minister: Benjamin Netanyahu

6.    President: Reuven Rivlin

7.    Currency of Israel -Israeli new shekel





Sweden beats Canada to win ICE hockey world title

Sweden beats Canada to win ICE hockey world title

1.       With a 2-1 point on the match of the Sunday the Sweden won the ice hockey world championship this victory was on penalties over two-time defending champion Canada.

2.       After three periods in Cologne the teams were tied at 1-1, Germany, with Victor Hedman scoring for the Swedes and Canada’s Ryan O’Reilly equalising.

3.       The Nicklas Backstrom and Oliver Ekman-Larsson scored with the shootout goals for the Swedes they are winning their title from the 2013 and prevent Canada from a three-peat.

4.       Canadian defender Chris Lee said, “It is hard to explain how you feel. It took 80 minutes of five on five to make it 1-1. It is unfortunate to have games end in shootouts. It would have been nice to see who would come out on top if we continued playing overtime, but it is what it is.”


1.    Captain Sweden hockey team- Joel Lundqvist

2.    Current IIHF: 5 2

3.    Highest IIHF: 1 (first in 2006)

4.    Lowest IIHF: 5 (2016)



Top Indian athlete suspended by NADA after testing positive for meldonium

Top Indian athlete suspended by NADA after testing positive for meldonium

1.       The top Indian female athlete was given the suspended on the Wednesday by the National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) after testing of the medical test when it comes positive for banned performance enhancing substance meldonium.

2.       By the report of the news channels and media, more than 20 syringes of the banned drug, meldonium, were found in the athlete’s hostel room at the Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports (NIS) in Patiala. This Indian athlete had tha name in tha reprasentation of the India at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games and the Incheon Asian Games in 2014.

3.       at the Australian Open in 2016 the Russian star the tennis player, Maria Sharapova, a former World No.1 in the women’s tennis circuit, had also tested positive for the same substance.

4.       On October 4 last year she was originally suspended for two years on June 8, 2016. But the ban was later reduced to 15 months following a WADA hearing.


1.    Full form of NADA- National Anti Doping Agency

2.    Full form of NIS- National Institute of Sports

3.    NADA Founded on- 1917





Jerry Perenchio, Billionaire Media Mogul Behind Univision, Dies at 86

Jerry Perenchio, Billionaire Media Mogul Behind Univision, Dies at 86

  1.   Jerrold Perenchio, who was also famous as the ‘Jerry’, who had build his fartune from the TV                   production company and later he worked as the Spanish-language network Univision, and was among California’s most prolific philanthropists and political donors, has died at the age of 68.
  2.  Perenchio was a great personality of the famously. The first rule of his life and the he was dedicated to which rule that was the”stay clear of the press.” But he was so great that his some of the news like about Bel Air mansion was seen every week as the home of the Clampett family on the 1960s series of the episode “The Beverly Hillbillies.”
  3.  Perenchio had started his career as the long decades man and he has abilikty to do some thing like as Andy Williams, Glen Campbell and Henry Mancini. He was the promoter in the 1970s, he was creater behind the historic first matchup of the film based on and real life heavyweight boxers Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier and also staged the historic “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs in 1973.


1.    A. Jerrold Perenchio was an American billionaire businessman and philanthropist. He was at one time the chairman and chief executive officer of Univision.

2.    Organizations founded him- Univision, Univision Communications Inc., ELP Communications



26 May 1945: Vilasrao Deshmukh, 17th CM of Maharashtra, was born

 26 May 1945: Vilasrao Deshmukh, 17th CM of Maharashtra, was born

  1. Vilasrao Deshmukh, was a renowned politics from the Maharashtra he was a prominent Congress Party leader and Member of Parliament.
  2. In his fourty yewars of the political career, he held his important positions in the Congress Party, and in the state, and the central government.
  3. Deshmukh is the best person of the great personality in being the chief minister of the state for about ten years, this was a great time that is only second in the state, after Vasantrao Naik, who ruled for eleven years.
  4. His dream was that his Mumbai city should be the city like Shanghai. He is also known from as one from the very few politicians who could be approached at any time through phone.




  1. Party: Indian National Congress
  2. Vilasrao Dagadojirao Deshmukh was the Chief Minister of the state of Maharashtra.
  3. He also served in the Union cabinet as the Minister of Science and Technology and Minister of Earth Sciences.

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